Health Coaching


Are you looking to make long-lasting changes in your life? Are you tired of feeling sluggish? Are you confused about all these fad diets? The good news is that feeling good doesn’t have to be difficult. I offer individual and group health coaching for adults in the areas of nutrition, fitness, healthy lifestyle changes and goal-setting. No gimmicks, no fads, and I won’t try to sell you anything. I am here to help you build a basic foundation of health. By taking baby steps and understanding how your body works at its core level, you’ll have all the tools and resources you need for long-term success.

Improve your health, improve your life! 



What you can expect to receive with health coaching:

  • Which foods to eat, and avoid, for optimum health
  • How to eat “clean” and maintain your health long-term
  • Information on meal planning, portion control, label reading and smart shopping
  • How to reduce stress and improve your mental health
  • Tips for dealing with disease and inflammation in the body
  • How to establish and maintain a fitness regimen
  • How to make healthier choices in all aspects of life
  • And most importantly, how to take control of your life and enjoy it!



Some of the results you can expect to see from health coaching include:



  • A more lean and fit body
  • Stronger bones, joints and muscles
  • Increased energy and reduced stress
  • Better, sounder sleep
  • Better biometric numbers (cholesterol, blood pressure, glucose, etc.)
  • Stronger organs, including heart, lung, digestive and brain function
  • Clearer hearing and vision
  • Sharper thinking and memory retention
  • Healthier, smoother skin
  • A feeling of control over your health




I offer a free initial consultation so you can decide if health coaching is right for you. From there, pricing is as follows:

Individual: $125/month, which includes one weekly 1-hour meeting/call and unlimited texting and emails. Individual coaching is completely customized to your specific health needs.

Group (2-4 people): $50 per person/month, which includes one weekly 1-hour meeting/call convenient to all parties. Group coaching is a more generalized approach, where discussions will focus on the benefit of the whole group.


Use the contact form to schedule your FREE initial consultation with me!