The BEST Veggie Chili

It is COLD outside and I need some HEAT! And when it is chilly out, homemade chili always does the trick to warm me back up. There is nothing better than smelling this chili cooking, except eating it, of course. The more it cooks, the deeper the color and flavors become, making for a dish … Continue reading The BEST Veggie Chili

Mexican Stuffed Peppers with Avocado Cream

Mexican food is one of my favorite types of cuisine, to both eat and cook. I love it mostly because it's so easy to make it vegetarian without sacrificing flavor or substance. I frequently use the Lightlife brand of soy crumbles, found near the tofu in the produce section. They make a pre-spiced Mexican crumble … Continue reading Mexican Stuffed Peppers with Avocado Cream