Yoga Classes


I became a yoga instructor because yoga changed my life for the better, and I wanted to be able to help others change their lives for the better as well. I incorporate a combination of physical postures, breathing techniques and meditation into all of my classes. Rather than put you into an advanced pose from the start, I meet you wherever you are physically and mentally. If you’re a beginner, we start with the basics. If you’re not a beginner, we deepen your current practice. Either way, my goal is to leave you feeling physically energized, mentally refreshed, and most of all, comfortable in your own body.



Did you know? Some of the benefits of yoga include:

  • Better breathing
  • Increased strength, flexibility and mobility
  • Better posture and balance
  • Management of depression, anxiety and other mental health issues
  • Reduced stress, increased energy and stronger focus
  • Easy to learn and practice regularly
  • Improvement of physical ailments, including asthma, arthritis, heart issues, pain and inflammation, digestive issues, migraines and much more
  • A more content state of mind and positive outlook that carries over into relationships, nutrition, sleep, self-esteem, and many other areas of life



Group – Group yoga sessions are a great way to bring people together! Consider a yoga class for your next:

  • Corporate Event / Retreat / Team-building Activity
  • Small Business Offering
  • Pre-wedding / Bachelorette Party
  • Friend / Family Gathering
  • Park Outing

Pricing: $10 per person per hour (minimum of 5 people) + travel fee*

*travel fee is dependent on location. I will travel up to 20 miles from Charlotte center city. Please contact me for more details.


Individual – Looking for a way to bring balance to your life and reduce stress? I offer customized private yoga instruction where the focus is on you! You’ll receive instruction that caters to your specific body and mind needs.

Pricing: $50 per hour + travel fee*. A yoga mat and props are provided for rental at no charge.

*travel fee is dependent on location. I will travel up to 20 miles from Charlotte center city. Note that I am currently teaching individual private lessons on a limited basis. Please contact me for availability at this time.


Public – Join me for beginner-friendly public classes every Friday at the following location.


Where: GoodRoad CiderWorks – South Charlotte

When: Every Thursday at 6:45pm

Cost: $5, which also gets you a 4 oz. pour of cider/juice



Discover the power of yoga and contact me to schedule your next class!